Genki Habits

Get Excited About Your Life, Again!

Feeling Exhausted Lately?

Let Life be Fun Again with Genki Habits.

Overwhelmed by day-to-day Life? YOU can change that!

Yes, that's true. YOU can enhance your own natural energy levels. We've got your back, provide you tips and classes with TLC.

Genki is a Japanese word, pronounces like “gain-key.” It means “energetic, high-spirited, mentally also physically healthy.”
Now, imagine you are full of energy, vibrant. You are looking forward to life. — That’s how you feel like when you are full of Genki. We are here to help you cultivate your Genki habits, so YOU can get excited about your life again!

Our Method


First, let's free up your mental energy by letting them out of your system. Many feel better at this stage already! Then, see what matters you most, who you meant to become... with a fresh pair of eyes. It is a fun process, we promise!


Let's start designing a new set of habits that get the best of you. Habits are choices, so you are in charge! We'll provide fun and playful tips and strategies.


Start putting your choices into action. Monitor your progress, tweak as you go. We will be there and get you through the challenges with fun ideas. It's easier when you have your supporters!


At this phase, you are feeling awesome as you deserve! It's also the time for you to become a Genki Habits Trainer and spread your awesomeness.

"Genki" means "energetic, high-spirited, and healthy" in Japanese. 
You'll Get Genki by Building Good Habits; Taking Charge of Your Life"

Which One Works Best for YOU?

Free Webinar

Are you curious about "Genki" and how it works for you to be the master of your life? Fantastic! We run free webinars. It's totally free!
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Self-Learning Kit

We will provide Video and tools; you proceed at your own pace. Start taking charge in your life. Upgrade to Workshop and One-on-One discount available.
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Group Workshops

We meet at Zoom Online Meeting Platform (super easy to navigate). Learn and Support together and enjoy the benefit of having your accountability team. All recordings will be available to members.
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We meet one-on-one setting at Zoom Online Meeting platform (super easy to navigate). The sessions is all about you: provides the tools and focus on your journey to become the best version of yourself.

Want to Learn How to Get More Energy?

There are many simple ways to boost your energy, naturally. Want to know the tips? Download the ebook from the button below. It’s free! 


Misako Yoke is the Founder of Genki Habits. She is a Published Author in Japan, Award-winning speaker,  Certified Tiny Habits Coach, also a Life Story Coach. The word “Genki” (energetic, enthusiastic, high-spirited) perfectly describes her personality.

Just like you, she went through hardships in various forms and struggled; knows how it feels like when life throws you a curb ball. Those experience taught her how to stay in the game, bounce back after hitting rock bottom.

Misako’s energy, liveliness, and her warmth will convince you that the best version of yourself is waiting for you to recognize it.

Avid Hiker, Birder, Stargazer (also a big fan of Star Trek: TNG), Lifelong Learner, Tough-minded optimist; Always find a reason to smile.